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Necessary Aid Alliance Donates Beads to St. Don Bosco Special School in Loho

In a heart-warming gesture, the Necessary Aid Alliance has donated beads to St. Don Bosco Special School as part of its “Tezaawaanuba” Project. The school, which caters to 166 intellectually and developmentally disabled students, provides specialized training in various vocational skills.

Speaking to the media, the Director of Necessary Aid Alliance, Mulumba Songsore, highlighted the goal of the donation. “The goal of the donation is to provide them training on how to make bags and sandals using beads to enable them to have skills for their livelihood,” he explained. This initiative aims to empower the students by equipping them with practical skills that can enhance their future opportunities.

Madam Dong Veronica, the headmistress of St. Don Bosco Special School, expressed gratitude and emphasized the significance of such initiatives. “We are immensely grateful for the beads that will support our students in enhancing their bead-making skills. These projects are crucial in championing the abilities of our differently-abled students,” she remarked.

She also addressed the challenges faced by the students due to societal stigma. “These are people who get stigmatized even in our religious places, being referred to as ‘the fools who have come to church.’ This is what we see and hear every day. They are part of us, so if NGOs like Necessary Aid Alliance are involved, it’s a very good call and this will go a long way to help.”

The “Tezaawaanuba” Project, which has already made significant impacts in communities within the Wa West and Wa East Districts, aims to continue its support for the St. Don Bosco students. In addition to the donation, the Necessary Aid team plans to provide training sessions on beading, enhancing the skills of those already engaged in the craft.

Furthermore, the Necessary Aid Alliance will continue its sensitization drama, featuring a cast of over 10 members, to educate the community on respecting and supporting people with disabilities. This drama will be staged in the Loho community as part of their ongoing efforts to reduce stigma and promote inclusivity.

The project has been instrumental in driving societal change and advocating for the dignity and rights of people with disabilities. With continued support and initiatives like these, the Necessary Aid Alliance hopes to foster a more inclusive and supportive community for all.



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